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Media Advertising

Sometimes, going old school would be the best option for your business.

Advertising media refers to the various media channels through which advertising is done. Advertising media is used for showcasing promotional content which communicated in various forms such as text, speech, images, videos using TV, radio, online, outdoor etc. Basically they are channels through which companies can advertise their products and services to reach to customers.

Importance of Advertising media

Advertising media plays a pivotal role in business and marketing for companies. There are many companies who offer products and services to customers. However, it is impossible for every customer to know about every brand or product. This is why companies advertise and use advertising media to reach to customers, and to increase their market share. Depending upon the customer demographics, advertising budget, targets of the company, advertising objectives etc, companies can choose the type of media they want and they can do an advertising campaign. This helps to create a buzz about the brand, showcase the product and service utilities to the customer and build a strong brand. Using all media channels is often referred to an integrated marketing communications and helps a to build a brand using 360 Degree branding.


Measuring impact of advertising media

For every type of advertising media, there are different parameters based on which they can be measured:

1. For a print or a TV/radio ad, a phone number or email can be given for customers to contact the company if they want, and through the number of people who have tried to contact, we can measure the impact of the ad.

2. For an internet ad which is placed on different website homepages, if the company or brand has an online website too, the number of clicks which direct the customer to the company website measures the impact of the ad. But if the company does not have a website, contact information can be displayed on the banner as in the case of print ads, and the impact can be measured similarly.

In general, feedback devices like coupons, toll-free numbers, or feedback registers in shops can estimate the impact of advertising media.

What We Do?

We find the best platform to publish your advertisement, from shooting your commercial or preparing the designs, or recording the advertisement, we will take care of your advertisement from the first step.

Get in Touch Now to get more information about our Professional Media Advertising Services.

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